eboard: chess board interface

FICS: Free Internet Chess Server


  • Works with chess engines (programs that play chess) that are compatible with the xboard protocol (the majority of them).
  • Supports the FICS protocol for Internet chess playing [FICS itself is not a closed protocol and is always evolving, eboard does its best to keep up with it]
  • Reads and writes chess games in PGN (Portable Game Notation) format.
User Interface
  • The size of the board can be adjusted anytime by resizing the eboard window.
  • Faster promotion piece selection, without popups, the piece can be selected several moves before the actual pawn promotion.
  • User-selected piece bitmaps. The pieces themes are stored in standard image formats like PNG, JPEG or TIFF, users can roll their own pieces if they want. Several community-contributed piece themes are available for download.
  • Audio feedback: listen when you are challenged, when the opponent makes his move, when other ICS players talks to you, when your opponent offers a draw, when you're running out of time.
  • Multiple boards: analyze several games at once, watch several games at once on FICS, watch other games while you play.
  • Language support: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Polish and Japanese.
  • Input hardware support: enter moves and control eboard with the mouse, the keyboard, a joystick or a DGT electronic chess board.
ICS Features
  • Scroll-locking: ICS output only scrolls when you are reading the most recent lines of output, allows you to read help files, tourney tables and other extense output more easily.
  • Text input separated from ICS output, you can always see what you are typing.
  • Input history similar to bash (up/down arrows move through the input history).
  • You can have as many console windows as you wish, with regular expression matching to filter what is shown in each one.
  • ICS output coloring makes ICS output easier to read.
  • Highly configurable behavior: you can give each ICS channel its own console (like in IRC clients) or see all channels in one console.
  • Seek graph: shows ICS seek ads in a user-friendly clickable graph.
  • Bughouse support: shows both your game and your partner's, and provides quick buttons for usual partner talk like "++Q", "-Diag", "Sit".
  • Works with timeseal. (you must download timeseal from FICS)

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