Document: GNU Chess 5

GNU Chess 5

This document discusses the issues related to running the
GNU Chess 5.0 (or newer) engine together with eboard.

Felipe Bergo 

1. What is GNU Chess 5 ?
2. Getting GNU Chess 5
3. Compiling and Installing
4. Playing


1. What is GNU Chess 5 ?

GNU Chess 5 is a Free Software chess engine, that
can be modified under the terms of the GNU
General Public License. 

I strongly recommend version 5.04 or later, versions
5.0 and 5.02 had very bad issues.

2. Getting GNU Chess

Go to any GNU ftp repository, like and
look for the 'chess' directory.

3. Compiling and Installing

Just build it as instructed in the documentation
and copy the resulting 'gnuchess' binary to
anywhere in your PATH (e.g.: /usr/local/bin).

4. Playing

For GNU Chess 5, use the
Peer -> Play against Engine -> Generic Engine command.
The "GNU Chess 4" command is meant and optimized for
GNU Chess 4.x only.

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