Document: GNU Chess 4

GNU Chess 4

This document discusses the issues related to running the
GNU Chess 4.x engine together with eboard.

Felipe Bergo 

1. What is GNU Chess 4 ?
2. Getting GNU Chess 4
3. Compiling and installing
4. Playing


1. What is GNU Chess 4 ?

GNU Chess 4 is a Free Software chess engine, that
can be modified under the terms of the GNU General
Public License.

It is the predecessor of GNU Chess 5 and newer

2. Getting GNU Chess 4

You may be able to find GNU Chess 4.x in some GNU FTP
mirrors or in old source code CDs of operating system
distributions. I'm keeping the last GNU Chess 4 version,
4.0pl80 in eboard's anonymous FTP directory at

Note that GNU Chess 4 and 5 may conflict with each other
(you can have only one of them installed, or eboard
will be confused)

3. Compiling and Installing

Directions about installing are in the src/README and
src/INSTALL files. More likely you'll just

cd src
(become root)
make install

4. Playing

The 'gnuchessx' binary must be in the PATH.
The book location is defined in compile time, if you
didn't change the prefix, it'll be

To play against GNU Chess 4, use the
"Peer -> Play against Engine -> GNU Chess 4" command.

gnuchessx will be run without change to the
current directory. If you want to change
bookfile location, recompile GNU Chess.

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