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eboard ChangeLog

[fics]    - applies to fics
[craf]    - applies to crafty
[gnuc]    - applies to gnu chess
[sjen]    - applies to sjeng
[ics]     - applies to all networked servers
[eng]     - applies to all engines
[all]     - applies to all

  * [all]  Text search (Ctrl-F) no longer requires a modal dialog box,
           the search text is typed in the input box (similar to the Firefox
           search behavior).

  * [ics]  Added ICS filtering options for Non-ASCII characters.

  * [all]  Fixed some "invalid UTF-8 string" warnings related to the text console.

  * [ics]  added an option to show timestamps for each text line

  * [ics]  eboard no longer sets the seek variable when logging in to an

  * [all]  Fixed promotion bug in P2P mode (capture promotions such as
           exf8=Q did not work due to bad notation parsing).
           Closes SF ticket #1832106.

  * [ics]  Seek graph positioning now avoids text and marker overlaps.
  * [all]  Fixed compilation issue with GCC 4.1

  * [ics]  The seek graph do not become red after updates (FICS sometimes
           sends bogus updates that are annoying to check).

  * [ics]  added seek graph, removed seek table

  * [ics]  eboard now displays clocks and move times with milisecond
           precision, on servers that support ivar ms

  * [all]  slightly faster console (less frivolous buffer formattings)

  * [all]  minor simplification of eboard-config script, patch from
           Han Boetes

  * [all]  fixed minor text selection bug (last character in line would disappear if
           selection ended in the previous character).

  * [all]  added Hungarian translation (contributed by Bajusz Tamás)

  * [all]  fixed a couple of memory leaks (patches sent by Tom Vijlbrief)

  * [all]  fixed some text-console relates crashes (closes SF#1664848)

  * [eng]  added some diagnostic to the console when running an engine fails.

  * [all]  eboard will no longer execvp gibberish (even though it wasn't doing
           any harm when it did) (closes SF#1642023)

  * [all]  Some dialogs now have automatic scrollbars, which should make
           eboard usable on small screen mobile devices. Patch sent by
           Peter Cox.
  * [all]  eboard no longer writes the debug3.ppm file to the homedir
           (leftover debug code) (closes SF#1640523)

  * [all]  make install now accepts DESTDIR (mostly for binary packagers)
           (closes SF#1640162)

  * [all]  fixed console selections and treatment of UTF-8 content 
           (closes SF#1633394). The console is also faster.

  * [all]  safer string operations (SF#1639041, SF#1639841, SF#1640126)

  * [all]  added joystick support under Linux

  * [fics] eboard now remembers the column and direction of sorting set for the
           Seek Table. (closes Feat.Req. SF#1112351)

  * [eng]  Game->Resign should now work with any xboard-protocol engine.
           (applied patch SF#1637343)

  * [all]  Added DGT board support through dgtnix (

  * [fics] Fixed movelist retrieval of mass observation (such as when observing a
           relay or a tourney on FICS). (closes SF#1626824)
  * [all]  Fixed (as much as possible) the layout of the scratch board
           controls when there is not enough room to display all the controls
           (closes SF#1631707)

  * [fics] Added scrollbars to help navigating when there are too many board 
           tabs. (closes SF#1634485)

  * [fics] Annoying seek table "Ads Removed" messages no longer shown in the
           console (closes SF#1634772)

  * [fics] Fischer Random games are now distinguished from generic wild
           games (closes SF#1632083) Wild 0/1/2 are also tagged according
           to the winboard standard (applied patch SF#1634678)

  * [fics] observed wild games on FICS are now reconstructed from the start,
           so that the user can browse moves made before observation started.
           (closes SF#1631873)

  * [all]  updated french and italian translations.

  * [all]  fixed the text layout of PGN annotations on the board clock area 
           (closes SF#1631563)

  * [fics] the board positions on observed crazyhouse are now accurate for
           moves before the user started observing it. (closes SF#1631559)

  * [all]  the 3D piecesets work again (closes SF#1630790)

  * [fics] now games unobserved while in progress can be properly discarded in the
           local games dialog (closes SF#1626570, SF#1631567)

  * [eng]  games played against engines now have the TimeControl tag properly
           written when saved to PGN. (closes SF#1630745)

  * [all]  the Getting Started dialog was editable by accident. Fixed.
           (closes SF#1630847)

  * [all]  focus and cursor position of input box are back to normal
           (changing panes won't select the input field, moving through
           the history keeps the cursor at the end of the field).
           (closes SF#1626448)

  * [fics] observed game removal fixed: when smart discard is turned off, games
           will pile up until the user removes them manually, as expected.
           (closes SF#932920)

  * [fics] material for suicide/losers will be correctly shown when a game starts 
           being observed (closes SF#1179796)          

  * [all]  (peer-to-peer) eboard now enforces legality checking when playing 
           in peer-to-peer mode. (closes SF#836146)

  * [eng]  eboard should no longer leave background processes when interrupted 
           with Ctrl+C (SIGINT). (closes SF#1480964)

  * [all]  removed usages of index and rindex, should fix compilation problems
           on Solaris and other platforms (closes SF#993896)

  * [fics] fixed crazyhouse-related bug that displayed incorrect stock pieces
           when moving along a FICS crazyhouse game (closes SF#1628990).
           (this bug was caused by a change in the FICS server output)

  * [all]  fixed hanging and UI misbehavior when attempting to load an invalid 
           PGN file from the Games on Client dialog. (closes SF#1628320)

  * [fics] disabling the seek table while connected to FICS will no longer output
           the table protocol garbage to the console(s) (closes SF#1628114)

  * [all]  the theme used to draw crazyhouse stock is now correctly changed even
           on finished games (closes SF#1628111)

  * [all]  fixed some graphics artifacts during piece dragging (below and to the
           extreme right of the board limits). (closes SF#1627374)

  * [fics] when the console font is changed, the separate channel tabs will also
           be updated, as expected (closes SF#1627871).

  * [all]  substituted more GTK1 deprecated calls for the proper GTK2 ones.

  * [eng]  fixed bug in en passant information in FEN positions (this affected
           engines when playing from a set position - noticeably crafty)

  * [eng]  the Run Engine... button on the scratch board works again.

  * [gnuc] eboard no longer crashes when it runs GNU Chess 5 thinking it's 
           GNU Chess 4. (closes SF#1480962/B). 

  * [eng]  eboard will no longer freeze or crash when the user tries to play
           against a missing chess engine. (closes SF#1480962/A)

  * [eng]  eboard now detects xboard protocol v1-only engines and gracefully
           closes the connection on them instead of crashing (proto v1 still
           unsupported by eboard) (closes SF#911486)

  * [eng]  fixed a bug that made eboard crash when a game against an engine was
           interrupted (such as after being aborted) (closes SF#1107752).

  * [eng]  eboard now respects the engine usermove setting. 
           (closes SF#1017917)

  * [all]  added more path options to the configure script to help

  * [all]  fixed the placement of the piece counts in the crazyhouse
           stock (closes SF#1626472/A)

  * [all]  fixed geometry saving/restore - now the bughouse divider
           should be placed where it was saved. (closes SF#1626472/C)

  * [all]  fixed occasional warnings/crashes when selecting a font in the
           preferences dialog

  * [all]  fixed libpng detection in the configure script for FreeBSD
           (now checks for libpng12 and libpng13 is libpng is not found)
  * [all]  fixed bug in PNG reading code that made eboard crash when
           reading the Chap set from eboard extras pack 1.

  * [all]  eboard now uses GTK+ 2.x

  * [all]  eboard now compiles properly with GCC 4.x

  * [all]  Fixed crashes on x86_64 (NULL / 0 problem on vararg calls,
            SF patch #1534453)

  * [all]  Added French translation (SF patch #931431 by Khanh-Dang)

  * [all]  The weird configure error related to socket.h on
           BSD and Mac OS X should be gone now.

  * [all]  Added Japanese translation.

  * [all]  Mouse scroll wheel now works on the text consoles.

  * [all]  Completely changed the compilation process and
           internationalization support, no longer depending
           on GNU autoconf/automake or gettext.

  * [ics]  Quite revamped the code that colorizes and parses
           ICS output, I hope nothing is broken.

  * [ics]  Non-move updates to observed games (setting the clock,
           player names, ratings in a relay, for example) will
           not play the "Move Made" sound. 
           (closes bug ticket #786179).

  * [fics] Fixed detection of ratings in game relays, where
           player names can contain underscores, like GM_Anand.
           (closes bug ticket #786177)

  * [all]  The sound event dialog would incorrectly show "Beep"
           when the event was configured to run an external
           program, fixed. (closes bug ticket #785847)

  * [ics]  Fixed a bug that would make eboard crash when the
           connection was closed bu the ICS server on some
           special rare occasions. (closes bug ticket #775154)

  * [ics]  Fixed a translation bug in the FICS protocol that would
           translate the command 'games' sent to get rating 

  * [ics]  Fixed a bug that would cause eboard to crash when an
           observed game ended with a movement and move animation
           was on.

  * [all]  Fixed the vectorized piece set, which was full of bugs.
           (would crash on board resizes, appear with gray bars and
            other oddities)


  * [ics]  Fixed incompatibility with servers that allow digits
           in player handles (such as Gustav998).

  * [all]  Changed the way new input is detected, will probably
           make lightning playing on ICS less sluggish.

  * [eng]  Added the Retract Move command to the Game menu,
           allowing to take back a move in a game against an
           engine. It does nothing on ICS or P2P modes.

  * [all]  Added peer-to-peer (P2P) connection (one eboard connects
           to other eboard to allow network play).
  * [eng]  Fixed a bug in the time control edit dialog,
           the control type selection would always show
           up as Fixed Time per Move regardless of the
           current setting.

  * [all]  Atomic games loaded from PGN will now be browsed
           correctly (with explosions). (as long as the
           Variant key in the PGN is set to "atomic", which
           is already ok in games saved by eboard itself).

  * [ics]  The seek table will now be cleared after the
           connection with the server is lost.

  * [all]  Fixed font encoding problem on tab labels, color
           selection buttons, [chat]/[cmd] button, bug pane
           action buttons. This problem only affected
           translations (non-english).
	   * Local Game List may still have the problem, mail
             Ales about it *

  * [all]  Save desktop geometry will now save the position of
           the pane division in the main window, thanks to 
           Tristan Colgate for the patch.


  * [all]  Changed behavior of PageDown/ PageUp keys: they'll act only
           on the current window (instead of paging all consoles at the
           same time).

  * [fics] Added proper handling of the Atomic Chess variant.

  * [fics] As of Feb 16 2003 FICS changed its output on game terminations,
           so previous versions of eboard would discard game boards
           even with Smart Discard on. Fixed.

  * [sjen] illegal move behavior has been fixed. This was an issue on Sjeng
           due to the variants it plays, for the other engines, having
           eboard's legality check on is the most safe behavior. (if you
           turn legality checking off with GNU chess 5, for example, it
           won't complain about illegal moves, and will just sit waiting
           for a new move, and the game will be broken).

  * [eng]  now 3 types of time controls can be chosen for playing
           against engines: fixed time per move, given number of
           moves in given period of time or Fischer Clocks (increment
           clocks like FICS's -- and move 1, both white and black -- 
           do not count for the time control, so don't be surprised by
           the clock being reset until white makes move 2).

  * [eng]  the max depth setting was being sent completely wrong
           to engines, fixed .

  * [fics] the undocumented pause/unpause flag on examined games
           is now taken into account: relayed games (like Kasparov vs.
           Deep Junior) will show up with clocks running correctly.
           As a consequence, in the first two moves of every game
           the clocks will not be shown running (because the first move,
           both white and black, are always 0:00). FICS says the clock
           is paused at those moves, and eboard behaves accordingly.

  * [all]  rewrote the text console code from scratch, should fix
           a lot of issues regarding selection/copy/paste.

  * [all]  applied a patch to po/ (NLS support) to
           fix compilation/installation with DESTDIR. Thanks to
           Federico Schwindt for sending the patch.

  * [all]  fixed a crash on PGN game display when the PGN
           contained illegal NAG codes ($140 and above).


  * [n/a]  missed a required namespace option with the 
           changes. I love gcc 3 soooo much.



  * [all]  when saving to a PGN file, the game will be APPENDED if
           the file already exists.

  * [all]  eboard can now read .pgn.gz files (only read, not write).
           However, the implementation is somewhat dumb: it decompresses
           the file, indexes games, deletes the file. Each game you ask
           to display requires a new decompression (gzip -d). "gzip" and
           "cp" must be on the PATH for all this to work.
  * [all]  Status bar messages won't stay there forever, but rather
           expire after a given timeout.

  * [n/a]  Fixed iostream inclusions to compile without warnings
           on gcc 3.2

  * [all]  Fixed a bug in the PGN parser. (PGN files that had
           no newline char at the end of the last line would
           make eboard crash). Thanks to Hicks@FICS for spotting it.

  * [ics]  Fixed the misplaying of an "opponent moved" sound event
           on game starts.

  * [eng]  Fixed long standing bug in move display, engine
           pawn checks (like 'g4+') were incorrectly displayed
           as '+'.

  * [all]  5 new sound events added (game started (user playing), 
           game won and game lost (by the user, does not apply to 
           observed games on ICS), game over (observed games), and
           move (observed games)).
           Sound preferences pane revamped accordingly.

  * [ics]  Clock updates will now be shown immediately (like when you or
           the opponent issues a 'moretime' or when the examiner sets
           the values of the clocks)

  * [eng]  Fixed a bug in the xboard protocol that wouldn't allow users
           to play against the engine with thinking output on (by typing
           'post' after the engine has started).

  * [ics]  A bug in animation code that would make eboard crash when
           the position changed radically (a forw 999 in examination or
           when lecturebot rewinds the variation, for example) was
           fixed. (animation  calculation rewritten to fix it)

  * [all]  More code size optimization, especially regarding sequences
           of gtk_widget_show()'s , removed, content moved
           to content moved to

  * [all]  Font configuration GUI code has been simplified (accomplishes
           the same as before with less code)

  * [all]  Added an option to select the font of the seek table.
           Thanks to Michael G. Lane for the patch.

  * [all]  Fixed a bug that would cause eboard to segfault when a 
           title in the Local Games dialog list was clicked. Thanks
           to Michael G. Lane for the patch.

  * [all]  PGN reading now correctly reads PGN files with
           variations in parenthesis (but those variations
           are ignored). Thanks to Michael G. Lane for the patch.

  * [fics] eboard will now correctly set/unset the premove ivar
           according to the setting in the Options menu.

  * [all]  Added translations to brazilian portuguese (pt_BR), 
           German (de), Spanish (es) and Italian (it_IT). To
           set the language, make sure you did 'make install' to
           get message catalogs installed and do something like
           'export LANGUAGE=de' to set current language. You can't
           change language after eboard has started.

  * [all]  Code cleanups: destructors made virtual, many unused
           declarations removed, default method argument syntax
           changed to make it fit with pedantic ISO C++ compilers
           (gcc 3.1 and above). Thanks to David Fries (destructors, 
           vars) and Rich Churcher (default args) for the patches
           above. Also ensured that it compiles without a single
           warning with -Wall in egcs 2.91.66 and gcc 3.0.4.
           (there are some warnings in the implementation of the STL
            deque<> template that comes with egcs 2.91.66, I can't
            do anything about that, sorry)

  * [all]  eboard should now allow itself to be resized fullscreen
           on large resolutions (1280x1024 and up). Thanks to David
           Fries for the patches.

  * [all]  The PGN "Event" Header is now set to values like
           "ICS Rated Chess Match" and "Engine Chess Match"
           for games played on ICS and vs. engines, respectively.

  * [fics] Added Var command to board right-click menu. The original 
           idea was making the whole menu user-customizable, but it's
           all too messy, I'll postpone customization to some future.

  * [all]  Described some of the latest undocumented syntaxisms in
           Help -> Keys.

  * [all]  scripts can be run from the input box with
           %do scriptname , where scriptname is exactly the name
           shown in the left column of the Windows -> Run Script
           dialog. %do and %prefix commands are not stored in the
           typing history.

  * [all]  changed key binding: F8 now toggles shortcut bar visibility.

  * [all]  added "Plain Beep" sound event. It just sends a bell character
           to stdout, on PCs it'll probably be a beep on the internal
           speaker, no idea what happens elsewhere.

  * [all]  fixed 0.6.2's compilation issue on *BSD, where SOL_TCP isn't

  * [all]  shortcuts now can issue multiple commands, just separate
           them with ;

  * [all]  shortcuts can now programmatically call scripts, just
           set the command to script.filename , where filename is
           exactly the name shown in the left column of
           Windows -> Run Script dialog.


  * [all]  scripts in the current directory (like ./timeseal.Linux)
           should now be properly run when . is not in the PATH.

  * [ics]  added a "chat mode", as many have requested. it'll
           probably deceive some of you at first, if you have
           better ideas, email eboard-devel / eboard-users
           about it.

            mode is what eboard always was: what you type
           is sent as typed to ICS

            uses the prefix on its right side.

           to switch modes use the ESC key or click the button
           at the side of the input box. 

           enter (without quotes) '%prefix whatever' to set a
           custom prefix. Notice that receiving tells and says will
           change the prefix in the console window.

           all this documentation will be placed in the webpage
           sometime soon, and probably next versions will add
           a new pane in the Preferences dialog to configure
           the behavior of this feature.

           Currently available in the main window only. The
           console pane has its idyosyncrasies over others
           (%prefix is not sticky in it)

  * [ics]  now it'll recognize your name even in different

  * [all]  Changed a little the look of the graphical zhouse

  * [ics]  Fixed zhouse stock count update bug (some pieces
           wouldn't show up sometimes)

  * [all]  Minor fix to PGN parsing (reading), should now
           correctly read TWIC's 
           PGNs which have event names between game data.

  * [ics]  Fixed drawing the little mouse icon in crazyhouse
           games, now it won't be drawn over the stock.


  * [all]  The crazyhouse stock will now be shown in the same
           pieceset used for playing. The non-black background
           was needed to prevent all-black pieces from
           disappearing. Pieces will appear the same size
           as they are used on the board, and there may be 
           overlapping. The real click target region is
           delimited by the darker vertical lines.

  * [all]  added Makefile.simple, a Makefile totally independent
           of automake, to ease the life of people trying to
           compile eboard on unexplored platforms. The INSTALL
           has some hints about it.

  * [all]  scratch boards can be set up from a FEN string.

  * [eng]  engines can be started from arbitrary positions
           (from a scratch board)

  * [all]  faster (more responsive) piece dragging

  * [sjen] the variant is now correctly saved in the engine

  * [all]  compatibility fix for compilation on Solaris
           (strings.h header)


  * [all]  minor speed hack on piece drag. Some may notice,
           others may not.

  * [eng]  Added a dialog box to edit the engine bookmarks.
           (Peer -> Engine Bookmarks -> Edit Bookmarks...)

  * [craf] minor fix to engine bookmark naming, now it
           correctly extracts crafty's program name.

  * [eng]  minor fix to xboard protocol implementation, will
           now work correctly with engines with bad I/O
           flushing, like GNU Chess 5.04.

  * [all]  fixed font fallback when creating the bughouse pane.

  * [all]  upgraded to autoconf 2.53 and automake 1.6.1
           If you want to develop/make changes to eboard,
           you're likely to need both.

  * [all]  looks like SuSE has a broken imlib RPM that won't
           load PNGs, I've added a fallback low-res theme,
           but if you use SuSE yo should update the RPM,
           SuSE told me they fixed the issue already and that
           an update is available.

  * [all]  fixed another compilation issue with gcc 3.0.x

  * [all]  added beeping support for OpenBSD (possibly to NetBSD
           too, but that's untested). Thanks to Federico Schwindt
           for the code.


  * [eng]  promotion vs. engines was still broken, I hope it's
           fixed now.

  * [ics]  Absence of wget in the $PATH won't make eboard crash
           when trying to connect anymore.

  * [ics]  Channel list retrieval will work with non-timeseal
           connections too.


  * [all]  Fixed a minor misfunction of the input history
           in the detached consoles.

  * [all]  Removed the antialias option since the new scaling
           algorithm doesn't need it.

  * [fics] Renamed the Seek Graph to Seek Table since it isn't really
           what most interfaces call a seek graph.

  * [eng]  Added engine bookmarks.

  * [all]  Engine promotion fixed on engines that use uppercase
           in promotion notation (like Yace).

  * [all]  Fixed display of one-line annotations.

  * [all]  Variants (the ones supported, of course) are correctly
           detected in PGN files.

  * [all]  X11 GC caching (should leak less memory).

  * [all]  substituted many C char arrays for C++ dynamic strings, and a
           a many C streams for C++ streams.

  * [all]  Fixed yet another segfault situation when dragging
           with extruded (3D) piece sets.

  * [all]  Decent piece scaling algorithm (taken from Gimp 1.0.4)
           Pieces look better when magnified.

  * [fics] Bughouse support (in the bughouse pane) works.

  * [all]  Lots of changes in class structures regarding
           pieces, boards, bugpane.

  * [all]  The console snippet/bughouse pane can now be seen
           together with observed/examined games, not just
           the main board.

  * [all]  added an option to increase animation framerate
           (Smoother animation in the Appeareance pane of the
           preferences dialog). Will eat more CPU if turned on.

  * [all]  removed the script popup and made it a control
           next to the input box.

  * [all]  the icon selection in the shortcut bar setup dialog 
           had some glitches when buttons were set up for the
           first time. Fixed.

  * [ics]  the bughouse/console pane below the main board will
           no longer be hidden/reduced when a new game is started.

  * [all]  squeezed graphics code (bitblt) again by producing
           assembly output and optimizing C++ code accordingly.
           Better than this, only coding straight in assembly
           (and yes, would get better, gcc is not particularly 
           wise here)


  * [ics]  Now channel names (Help, Chat, Tourneys, etc.) will appear
           on the channel tabs. The channel list is retrieved by
           HTTP from eboard's website. You must have wget installed
           else it won't work. Currently only FICS channels are
           listed there, feel free to contribute channel lists
           from other sites. Cache is stored in /tmp/eboard-chlist-*
           and expires after 8 hours (remove the file to force a
  * [ics]  Added a button on the channel panes to reove the panes
           at will.

  * [all]  Added a Hide button to the shortcut bar.

  * [all]  Added a console snippet to the main board (drag up the small
           square in the bottom left of the main board)

  * [all]  Changed the look of the Local Game List dialog to display
           games in a tree hierarchy. (ability to double click a
           game to display it is disabled for the time being)

  * [ics]  Added a sound warning to announce that time is running out.


  * [fics] As a side effect of the change below, some FICS lines that
           included the user name but were not highlighted as personal 
           (yellow) now will be.

  * [fics] Hotfixed the treatment of LectureBot announcements when
           channel splitting is on. Notice that the :LectureBot(TD)(67)
           lines aren't really channel tells, but xtells pretending to
           be channel tells. Now eboard is credulous and will send these
           to the ch 67 channel pane. (translation: it is LectureBot's
           fault, not mine)

  * [all]  Added the shortcut bar below the board. If you don't like it,
           disable it from the Settings -> Preferences : Appearance

  * [all]  Modified the antialias algorithm again, now it does a regular
           gaussian smoothing as a 3x3 convolution in RGB-space instead
           of the previous oddball.

  * [all]  Beeping code now calls SNDCTL_DSP_POST, which should prevent
           unwanted noise after the beep with some audio drivers
           (especially on AC'97 devices).

  * [all]  Revamped the Sound pane in the Preferences dialog so that
           it becomes able to handle more sound events.

  * [ics]  Added a sound event to be played when the user is

  * [all]  Changed button disposition in the Games on Client dialog.

  * [fics] Now eboard works correctly when the FICS examine variable
           is set (automatically start examination when game finishes)

  * [all]  Minor corrections to network connection opening code
           (more accurate reporting of connection failures)

  * [ics]  Added the bookmarks submenu in the Peer menu.

  * [ics]  The Connect to Other Server... dialog will no longer take
           empty host names (which would lead to startup failure
           on previous versions)

  * [eng]  Fixed bug that made eboard crash after a game against an
           engine ended or was interrupted.
           (the "game not found: 7777" message on the console)

  * [sjen] Fixed bug that prevented crazyhouse playing (incorrect piece
           drop processing).

  * [all]  Added the Help : Getting Started dialog, which will pop up
           when the user runs eboard for the first time (no ~/.eboard

  * [fics] Games observed with "follow" now are saved correctly
           (untested with wild)

  * [eng]  En passant captures in crazyhouse/bughouse now correctly
           add a pawn to the stock. (fixes bug ticket #493844)

  * [all]  Double-click selection on the first word of a line in the
           console now behaves correctly (previously it would not
           select the word's first character)
           (fixes bug ticket #495103)

  * [all]  PGN annotations (between { }) are now shown in the clock
           pane of the board (as long as there is enough space)

  * [all]  eboard will no longer write % comments in its PGN files,
           but still understands %eboard when reading them,
           for backward compatibility. Many chess programs are
           confused by those comments, even though they are legal
           PGN. There is a Perl script on the eboard website
           that will convert your old PGN files removing the old
           %eboard comments and adding the new-style PGN fields,
           see the downloads section.

  * [eng]  Now the user (human player) can correctly promote on
           games against engines.
           (fixes bug ticket #508092)
  * [all]  PGN code now can cope with bad move syntax (e.g.
           a8Q instead of a8=Q. a8Q is _wrong_, but some
           large PGN files around use it)

  * [all]  To save memory, the movetext section of PGNs is _not_
           loaded with the "Load PGN" command (Windows->Games on
           Client dialog). It is only loaded when the game is
           selected and the "Display" button is hit (and the PGN
           file must still exist to load the moves from it)

  * [all]  Rewrote PGN-reading code from scratch. Should be
           simpler to maintain and does not crash on situations
           where the old code crashed.

  * [eng]  Fixed eboard hanging when engine crashed before
           outputting a complete text line (e.g., running
           GNU chess 4 with "gnuchess -t")

  * [all]  Added the Help -> Debug Info dialog. 

           Please report everything in it when you report
           any kind of eboard crash.

  * [ics]  Fixed the mess on the movelist when going back and
           forth in an exmined game in FICS.

  * [all]  Added the --enable-debug configure option to compile
           with -ggdb instead of -O6 when desired

  * [all]  Added Scratch/Edit Board Feature

  * [all]  Fixed crashing when saving the desktop geometry
           (bug observed in FreeBSD only)

  * [all]  Minor typecasting bug solved, fixes compilation
           some incarnation of gcc 2.95.2 somewhere.

  * [all]  Several little code cleanups suggested by Matt
           Zimmerman: error reporting upon fork() failure,
           correct closing of pipes when spawning child
           processes, no script path fallback to /tmp when
           HOME is not set, warning message (on stderr) if
           HOME is not set.

  * [all]  Now scripts can be in any language. That makes
           writing autologin scripts easier with tools
           like 'expect'.

  * [all]  Added support for "extruded" piece sets (pieces can
           take up a portion of the square right above it, good
           for 3D sets. Please notice that such sets are even
           slower to render than the regular bitmapped sets)

  * [all]  Fixed (at last ?) the bug that made eboard segfault
           when dragging pieces off the board's limits.

  * [fics] Added context menu with operations on games and players
           (right-click anywhere in the clock region of a game
           while conencted to FICS). Will be be extended to
           engines soon.

  * [all]  Modified "Show Coordinates" format to a more sane one.

  * [all]  Added text search on the console (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+G,
           the commands are currently in the Windows menu,
           but will be relocated to a new "Edit" menu or
           elsewhere soon).

  * [all]  Added a Dismiss button to the "Run Script" dialog,
           since some window managers (Sawfish) will make it
           non-trivial to close a modal dialog box from the window

  * [all]  Added menu command to save the contents of the main
           console to a file (Windows -> Save Text Buffer).

  * [all]  Added common C++ code for file dialogs, instead of
           scattered GTK+ C code (smaller code, possibly smaller
           binaries, possibly faster compilation)

  * [ics]  Yet another issue of password-showing on detached
           consoles was fixed. (typing in the username, opening
           a detached console then typing the password on that
           console wouldn't masquerade it. Now it's fixed.)

  * [ics]  Now ratings, seek id  and time control columns are sorted
           correctly (numerically) on the seek graph.

  * [eng]  Crashes and weird behavior when engine is not found
           were fixed. 

  * [all]  Better fallback fonts, should work even if only the
           100 dpi package is installed, and better message if
           that still fails. If you still have problems loading
           eboard due to lack of fonts, mail me the output of
           your 'xlsfonts' command.

  * [ics]  The input boxes of detached consoles now go to
           password mode upon ICS login, as they should.
  * [all]  Fonts with embedded spaces in their names are now accepted.

  * [all]  Fixed crashes when dragging pieces way out of the

  * [all]  Added desktop state saving (Windows -> Save Desktop Geometry)

  * [all]  Last-minute bugfix on eboard-extras loading.

  * [all]  Selecting a bitmapped theme while in Vector mode will
           switch to bitmapped mode with the selected theme.
           (this was causing confusion to some users)

  * [all]  Added customization of console colors (please note that
           after you change foreground colors, new text will come
           out in the new colors but the current (old) content of the
           buffer will remain in the previous setting.

  * [all]  Multi-line strings pasted in the input box will
           have the line breaks stripped.

  * [fics] Added the Refresh button to the seek graph.

  * [fics] The seek graph is now sorted on the variant
           column, clicking on the column titles
           changes sort column, clicking on currently-selected
           column flips sort direction.

  * [all]  The opponent-moved sound will be only played
           after the piece animation ends, if animation
           and sound-on-move are turned on.

  * [all]  theme configuration files called DATADIR/themeconf.*
           will now be loaded too (this is to keep theme
           packaging easy).

  * [all]  DATADIR is now used to determine the location of datafiles.
           (this should only make a difference if the --datadir option is
	   passed to configure)

  * [all]  eboard-config now uses the configure datadir and bindir variables
           to determine paths (this allows these variables to be modified
	   without breaking things)

  * [all]  PGN reading should be much faster now.

  * [all]  PGN files with comments inside { } should now be
           read correctly. PGN files with black move numbers like
           14... should be read correctly too. IMPORTANT: if you
           have a PGN file that can't be read or is read incorrectly
           by eboard _please_ email me it so I can fix eboard to
           read it.

  * [all]  Added a button in the detached console to spawn more

  * [all]  Better behavior of Page Up and Page Down keys in the
           detached console.

  * [all]  Fixed bug in dragging (old position was drawn if you were
           holding a piece while waiting for the opponent to move).
           But remember: piece holding and animation don't mix.

  * [all]  Added 'Show Coordinates' option.

  * [fics] Clocks won't tick when observing examined games.

  * [ics]  Added output filtering for detached console.

  * [ics]  Added input box to detached console window.

  * [ics]  Added option to control automatic discarding of
           observed games.

  * [ics]  Added option to control whether new games are brought
           to front upon observation or examination.

  * [all]  Keyboard focus will always remain in the inputbox.

  * [all]  Fixed legality checking and move reproduction code for
           double pawn pushes with a doubled pawn in 3rd or 6th

  * [all]  The Sound Event dialog will list sound themes.
           (but the controls are only created if at least one
            file is found in the eboard_themes.conf files)

  * [all]  Sound files can be listed as themes, syntax described
           in Documentation/Themes.txt, eboard-addtheme is already

  * [all]  Several fixes to eboard-addtheme script.

  * [all]  The game/board navigation buttons will be disabled
           whenever they have no use (text panes, boards without

  * [all]  Cosmetic changes to the preferences dialog.

  * [fics] 'say' lines will be recognized as personal tells
           even if after a game.

  * [fics] When examining a game the exmining pane will be
           brought to front.

  * [all]  Modified eboard_themes.conf search path semantics.
           (all files in the search path are merged, instead of
            loading just the first found)

  * [all]  Fixed bug related to unexpected use of the 'discard board'

  * [all]  Added button to flip the board to the main window button

  * [all]  Fix for segfaults that happened when closing eboard.

  * [all]  Modified theme loading to allow having separated pieces
           and squares.

  * [all]  More fallback fonts if default fonts aren't

  * [all]  Added eboard-config and eboard-addtheme scripts
           for future theme packs.

  * [all]  Fixed a bug that would prevent any sub-process (timeseal,
           scripts, engines) from communicating correctly in some
           systems. (Detected, fixed and tested in FreeBSD 4.2;
           Linux's select() syscall is wise enough and was not
           fooled by this bug)

  * [ics]  Added support for the 'sposition' command (and
           theoretically any other commands that make use of
           the -3 code for isolated positions in style 12)

  * [fics] Board windows will be removed despite of server
           response (useful for removing sticky game windows
           after a disconnection or server crash)

  * [all]  Games will have the WhiteElo and BlackElo
           fields saved if possible.

  * [all]  Added support for C++ libraries that enforce the
           std:: namespace for STL (GCC 3.0)

  * [all]  Fixed the 'ghost piece' problem when dragging
           pieces with bitmapped piece sets.

  * [all]  Added double buffering for piece dragging to
           reduce flicker.

  * [fics] Fixed FICS support when ptime=1 on the server
           (but since eboard supresses the prompts, why would
            you have it set anyway ?)

  * [all]  Introduced a delay between the button press event
           and the start of dragging animation , to prevent the
           dragging flicker when you're just clicking the piece.

  * [ics]  Fixed crashes due to reuse of game ids.

  * [all]  Minor include file fixes for FreeBSD

  * [fics] FEN saving fix for observed games.

  * [eng]  Fixed FEN position field when saving games played with

  * [all]  Fixed awful bug in FEN position generation.

  * [all]  Sound-handling process will be spawned with exec,
           to prevent it from inheriting X file handlers from a
           mere fork.

  * [all]  Memory leak fixed when disposing board panes.

  * [all]  Added key bindings for backward and forwards
           (Ctrl Left, Ctrl Right)

  * [all]  Wild games will be saved with a FEN tag to
           indicate starting position. And FEN tags on
           PGN files will be accepted as starting
  * [all]  Bug fixed in chess moving code.
           (1. e4 c5 2. d4 c4 3. b4 cxb3 against an engine
            would segfault due to an infinite loop)

  * [all]  En passant legality detection added.

  * [fics] Fixed the showing of provisional ratings on the
           seek graph (all ratings with RD > 80.0 were being
           shown as ++++)
  * [all]  It's now possible to drop pieces in bug/crazyhouse
           by dragging the piece from the stock to the board.

  * [all]  Added option to show crazy/bughouse stock graphically.

  * [all]  Added a count field for beep events.

  * [all]  Reworked the sound routines so that it won't require
           launching a new process for every beep (but it will
           still launch a new process for every WAV played).
  * [ics]  Channel tells can now be split to one window per channel
           (must be configured via Preferences dialog)

  * [fics] Better prompt removal

  * [fics] Lines that contain the prompt on the middle
           (e.g. 'help iv_defprompt') will now be
           shown correctly instead of cut.

  * [ics]  Finally tracked down and really solved the
           script freezing bug.
  * [all]  Implemented animation of piece dragging.

  * [fics] Fixed freezes related to bad parsing of ill-located
           FICS prompts.

  * [ics]  Fixed race condition in script I/O that would freeze
           the whole application.

  * [fics] Added dynamic seek graph, and options related to it.

  * [fics] Fixed move permissions when examining a game.

  * [all]  Fixed interpreation of games with moves
           O-O+ and O-O-O+ (which caused previous versions
           to segfault with WHAT YOU SAY!!! message)

  * [all]  Fixed a bug introduced in 0.2.0 where connections
           to FICS without timeseal would fail.

  * [all]  Page Up/Down work on detached console even if the main
           console isn't shown in the main window.

  * [all]  Added font selection for console windows.

  * [all]  Added error message to stderr to help people
           debug problems running timeseal and chess

  * [fics] Fixed parsing of Examination status strings
           (variant is detected correctly when examining a

  * [fics] Support for Losers variant on FICS added.
  * [all]  Changed Material calculation for Suicide,Losers and
           Giveaway variants (every piece is worth 1 material
           point in these variants)

  * [eng]  Added toggle for thinking on opponent's time
           (xboard protocol hard/easy commands)

  * [ics]  Minor change to premove on *ICS: you'll be able to
           schedule the premove even before FICS acknowledges
           the current move.

  * [eng]  Added checkmate detection (will place # instead of +
           in notation)

  * [all]  Internal improvements to pattern matching

  * [fics] Added colorization to shouts, cshouts, whispers,
           kibitzes, channel tells, notifications... 

  * [fics] Fixed wild variant detection and game creation.

  * [all]  Fixed a bug in legality checking (some castlings were
           being inhibited by flawed en passant code, which
           assumed a pawn on fifth row could take to a square
           in 8th row)

  * [fics] Fixed treatment of adjourned games (ignores duplicated
           "Creating" string, gets the move list for the moves
           that occurred prior to adjournment)

  * [fics] Castling permissions are taken from FICS data.

  * [all]  Added icons to most of the windows.

  * [all]  Fixed clearing of excess space when resizing board
           in vector-pieces mode.

  * [all]  Added keybindings to detached console window
           (same as the ones already existent on the
           main window)

  * [all]  Fix to piece selection semantics, the rule
           implemented in 0.1.9 is made void for
           premove, to allow premove queueing of

  * [all]  Fixed castling checking for suicide (castling
           never allowed), losers and giveaway (castling

  * [all]  Fixed one more bug in move interpretation: SAN
           notation was been ignored for pawn pushes that
           resulted in a check (e.g. "g5+").

  * [all]  Better vectorized piece set (reduced from 611 to
           376 vertices, fixed manually the polygons)
  * [all]  Minor change to piece selection semantics:
           if a square with a piece is selected and you
           select a a square with another piece of the
           same color, selection is transferred instead
           of trying to move from the first to the
           second square.

  * [all]  Added castling legality checking

  * [fics] Fixed the use of non-initialized color (appeared as
           dark green to me :-) for some FICS strings such as
           when starting the observation of a game. 

  * [fics] Added colorization for mamer (the FICS tourney bot)

  * [all]  Remodelled Client-side game list window, with more

  * [all]  Fixed updating of crazyhouse stock when navigating
           thru the game.

  * [all]  A scheme has been implemented to correctly detect
           variants, time controls and ratedness (these last
           two for ICS only) in PGN files (but only
           on games saved with eboard 0.1.9 or later)          
           A hack was added to detect crazyhouse games saved with
           previous versions of eboard or other programs as such.
           (a drop move must exist)

  * [all]  Inhibited saving PGN games without moves (e.g., when
           a game is aborted on FICS before a move is made)

  * [all]  More optimizations on bitmap piece drawing

  * [all]  Supressed animation of own move on FICS (which was

  * [all]  Added autosave (auto-append games to a PGN file when
           games end)

  * [all]  Added option to check legality before sending moves.
           (Use it if you play against GNU Chess 5!)

  * [eng]  The myname string given by the engine now will be used as
           opponent name.

  * [all]  PGN: better PGN read/write: will skip escape sequences,
           and will always fill the mandatory STR (seven tag roster)
           (but PGN support is not yet complete)

  * [eng]  fixed notation translation error (you won't see things like
           22. bxc8=Q+=Q anymore)

  * [all]  many fixes, optimizations and improvements in
           piece animation code.

  * [all]  added vectorized piece drawing option (much faster
           rendering of board, meant for lightning games and/or
           slower computers)
  * [all]  added F3,F4 and F7 key bindings (to move across

  * [all]  faster board updates.

  * [all]  minor bugs fixed in move checking code and legality
           checking code.

  * [all]  speed and size optimizations on pattern matching

  * [all]  attached PGN information to games, and added
           dialog to edit PGN headers.

  * [all]  fixed enbling state of the "Discard" button
           on the Games on Client window.
  * [all]  added capability to save PGN games

  * [all]  added capability to read PGN games
           (Windows -> Games on Client)

  * [all]  added sound notification for opponent moves,
           private tells and draw offers.

  * [fics] disabled closing the ad and server game windows
           during refreshes (which would cause segfaults)

  * [fics] Fixed bug in Ad Window when only 1 game ad was

  * [fics] Style 12 strings won't be mistakenly taken as
           game ad lines.

  * [all]  Added document about theme construction.

  * [all]  Changed directory lookup priority to allow
           local (`pwd`, ~/.eboard, ~/share/eboard) to
           override system-default values.

  * [fics] Fixed segfaults when discarding observed

  * [fics] Examination support added. (The move list is
           ot retrieved correctly yet, though)

  * [all]  Changed font querying method, won't lock if
           font dialog is called while connected.

  * [fics] Added option to show the rating next to the
           player's name. 

  * [ics]  Added scroll back limitation, made
           usage optional (via Preferences dialog)

  * [all]  Added toggle for piece antialiasing.

  * [all]  Added plain color toggle for board squares.

  * [ics]  Generic ics prompt parsing (*ics% instead of fics%),
           for portability across servers.
  * [eng]  Compilation fix for const typecasting + GCC >=2.95

  * [fics] Whenever a connection to FICS is made eboard will
           try to run a script named to login

  * [all]  added scripting support. scripts go under ~/.eboard/scripts ,
           must be written in Perl and must follow some convetions.
           More info in the Documentation/Scripts.txt file.

  * [all]  added preferences dialog, with options to change tab position
           and fonts.

  * [eng]  added maximum search depth field.

  * [eng]  the clock will retain the time of the previous move until
           the opponent moves.

  * [eng]  position objects now keep track which pieces are result
           of promotion. Only useful when playing crazyhouse against local

  * [sjen] added support for Sjeng, a nice multi-variant
           GPL'd engine.

  * [fics] fixed detection of observed game removal when the
           protocol line was prefixed by a fics prompt.

  * [all]  now correctly discards local (client-side) game panes.

  * [all]  (notation-only) translation coordinate -> SAN notation
           now correctly adds promotion suffix (e.g., =Q) and
           check sign (+). Many improvements in move notation code.

  * [eng]  kills the engine process after the game is finished.

  * [gnuc] added support for GNU Chess 4.x (which has some
           idyosyncrasies about the xboard protocol)

  * [eng]  added generic xboard protocol (v2) support, runs
           crafty, GNU Chess 5.x and should run others too.
           Support is not full. If you know of any Free Software
           engine that comply with the protocol but fail to work
           with eboard, contact me and I'll try to fix that.

  * [ics]  added the game ad window (interface to FICS 'sough' command)

  * [all]  added man page (section 6, eboard)

  * [all]  fixed search path (when using unusual prefixes,
           prefix/share/eboard will be searched too)

  * [all]  fixed autoconf script to detect GTK+ correctly when
           the FreeBSD port of GTK+ is installed.

  * [all]  added help menu (with help for keybindings) and moved
           "about..." from the Peer to Help menu.

  * [all]  added key shortcuts (F5,F6,F8,PgUp,PgDn).
  * [ics]  added a history for the most recent hosts used, in the
           Connect to other server... dialog

  * [all]  implemented moving (and premoving too) by drag-and-drop.

  * [all]  implemented premove (ability to queue the next move before
           the opponent plays). Warning: move correctness checking is
           barely implemented. It may send an illegal move to
           the server (specifically, it won't check whether
           castling is allowed)

  * [all]  added the Local Game List window, which holds the
           list of games stored locally, which in the future
           will allow loading and saving PGN files.

  * [all]  added the Detached console command to allow ICS/Engine output
           on a separate window in addition to the Console notebook

  * [all]  fixed segfaulting when disconnected by user request
           thru the Peers menu.

  * [craf] locked square selection when it's crafty's turn.

  * [all]  now it paints square selection _over_ last move

  * [fics] fixed some bugs on list insertion of chess boards, list
           removal of notebook pages and game object updates that would
           cause unstable behavior when observing several games
           at once or when discarding game pages from the notebook.

  * [ics]  added game list dialog (interface to the 'games' command
           on FICS)

  * [all]  better debugging facilities (-log and -debug
           write to ~/LOG.eboard and DEBUG.eboard, SIGUSR1
           will dump internal tables to stderr)
  * [ics]  better handling of data after a connection
           is closed (it waits for data on the pipe
           before closing it, you'll see the FICS
           farewell ASCII art, for example).

  * [fics] added crazyhouse support. (right-click square to
           drop a piece). bughouse works, but you must
           observe your partner's game manually (bughouse
           is untested)

  * [all]  fixed animation code -- still a wee bit flashy,
           but won't do the annoying cross-desktop trick.

  * [fics] fixed game variant detection (it would always think
           your game was regular chess, now it checks correctly)

  * [eng]  corrected wrong end-game status after engine

  * [fics] fixed segfaulting when opening the move list for
           the game being played by the user.

  * first public release

FICS: Free Internet Chess Server
World of Padman